Lucy is an artist living and working in Wales, working primarily with installation, video and photography.

Her practice focuses on exploring the notions of social space. She is interested in how types of control can influence how we interact and engage with public spaces. Her practice focuses on how it is possible to subvert power and how this can be subconsciously integrated into public and virtual spaces. Through this work she questions the incorporated glitches and discrepancies of public and private space.

 Lucy explores how you can interact with those spaces by looking in or out; viewed through materials or as reflections on surfaces. Public spaces such as the confinement of a bus interest her and from these ideas she captures gestures of a contingent community through video, in a style of anti-surveillance. This work hopes to highlight everyday tokens of interaction that are mostly overlooked.

Lucy currently teaches part-time on the Foundation Art & Design course at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea and GCSE and A level Art & Design and Photography at Crickhowell High School.